About JB

Creative Designer Jesze, a computer programmer by trade turned interior designer, product designer discovered her passion by fusing her love of art, technology, and real estate.
She has always been naturally drawn to and passionate about design.

Realizing the need for contemporary marble pieces, JB Designs' manufacturing division was established.

JB Designs is a South African interior design company that creates high-end, handcrafted tables with steel frames and marble slabs.

Each slab of marble is obtained from Turkey and specifically picked for its natural definition and personality. Each design is individually crafted by skilled local artisans who carefully carve each piece of marble, combine it with a steel frame to produce our stylish designer items.

Since then, we've expanded our product lines to include soft furnishings and home décor all made with the finest fabrics, foams and feathers.

We are passionate about design and transforming spaces. In addition to creating and manufacturing our own furniture we also provide design services for smaller and larger interior design projects from residential commercial and hospitality.

We provide a full turnkey solution to your design needs, helping you though every step of your project, from the initial site visits through concept development, design, project management and rollout to completion.